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Three Little Words

I became a writer because I love words. They can evoke rage, anger, hurt, joy, encouragement and introspection. They can reach down deep into your soul and pull out unspoken dreams, thoughts and aspirations. They can also stomp you to the ground. One word can cause immense hurt. One word can lift you to amazing heights. Bear with me as I am going to use a lot of words here.

What words are you carrying with you?

What words are you aspiring to?

What words are impacting your daily life – home, work, spiritual?

Are there words that impact you that you are not even aware of: failure, less, try, stupid, weak, afraid, disengaged, unworthy, irresponsible, loser with a capital L, undependable, unreliable? What words are you carrying that tear you down? That tell you that you are not enough? What brings failure, self-doubt or stops you in your tracks?

I love words.

In the same vein, a single word can trigger something inside of us that awakens inner strength and empowerment: adventurous, inspire, extraordinary, confident, radiant, joy, fearless, love, strong, hope, play, accepted, beautiful, vision, achieve, courage, dream, belong, authentic, faith, truth, worthy, kindness, resilient, alive, warrior

I challenge you – find 3 words that spark a positive emotion within you. Three words that ignite excitement. For the next 30 days, focus on these words. In a world inundated with distractions, it is powerful to have a daily reminder of what you want to actively focus on or manifest in your life. Write them on 3×5 cards or sticky notes – put them on the bathroom mirror, on the car visor, on your desk monitor, anywhere you will daily see them. What goes into the body, into your mind, comes out of the body and begins to happen in your world.

My current words are: BOLD, BRAVE, BRILLIANT

What speaks to you? What words are giving you a false sense of self, maybe a negative sense of self? What words can you focus on that replace any negative input? What words are bringing you down, or building you up? Yes, I know this is a lot of questions but if you are not asking yourself daily what is influencing you, then you are blindly going through life. You are on autopilot.

Words have power.

Are you pursuing your potential or your purpose? Potential is what we put into life. Purpose is what navigates our life. Purpose is what ignites the soul.

With the power of words, what does the world, your world, need more of? Engaged people who approach work and life with passion and purpose. People who work with impact and intentionality. We need people in the world who are activators and changemakers. And these people need a community where they are supported on their journey to their best-self.

Use your words. You got this.

So tell us – what are your 3 words?

Deb Bostwick, Driven For Life

Deb Bostwick
Staff Writer


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