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BOLD: Advanced Leadership

“It’s like Seal Training for the Business World”

BOLD: Advanced Leadership is for leaders or high potential upcoming leaders within your organization. Due to the experiential nature of the program, it is valuable to people with very little leadership background, as well as, extremely seasoned leadership veterans. If you have “done it all”,then you will be more self-aware and will get more out of the program; however, it works equally as well for those starting out that are hungry and apply themselves.

Ask a BOLD graduate what they thought
and you get a unanimous
“Life changing, it’s a game changer!”

NOTEThis is not a fix-it class. Many managers want to send their worst person to get trained to help them perform. We have found this to be counter-productive in most cases. Send your top people first to this training and get the benefits of having your best at their best.

“BOLD challenges you to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions where everyone else simply nods, and set the status quo on it’s head.”

Driven For Life, BOLD: Advanced Leadership

Contact us now! Every training has limited seating available. We limit enrollments to ensure the best experience for each participant.

Next Available Training:
Aug 21-23
Sep 18-20
Oct 9-11
Nov 13-15
Dec 4-6

Note:  We intentionally limit enrollment in the trainings. We believe the smaller programs (16-18 people) are optimal.  Trainings fill fast. We will make every attempt to enroll you in the date you desire.

What is BOLD?

You will be going through a series of experiential processes designed to stretch you out of your comfort zone, as well as, help you dig deep into understanding your strengths, talents and abilities. The program is tough to give you the opportunity to lead yourself and others through challenge and difficulty. There is no powerpoint, the lodging is modest, and the expectations are high for you to push yourself in each process. If you would prefer a training where you sit in the back and observe, coasting or passively participating, we ask that you do not attend. This guarantees a full participant roster of focused attendees that will drive each other to better performance.

Why BOLD? Your results are:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Confidence in speaking (Interpersonal and public)
  • Connection to your purpose and passion
  • Understanding your motivators and de-motivators
  • Increased perception of leading a high-performance team
  • Improved ability to give and receive feedback
  • Situational awareness
  • Renewed passion for work and life
  • Connecting to your “Why”
Driven For Life, BOLD: Advanced Leadership
The Advantage: Engaged Communication
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